BS Corner!

In the interests of not offending people, BS stands for ‘Bad Science’; feel free to interpret it any way you want!

So, this new section of our blog is where we’ll highlight any BS we discover from the news and across the internet. The purpose of our blog was to help people make informed decisions, so this means letting people know when ‘information’ is misleading, incorrect and just plain old BS!

As we pride ourselves on using only evidence based information, we will decry any opinions that may be spread as facts with no referencing of evidence. To avoid starting a hate campaign, we won’t name individuals or provide links (we don’t want to promote BS after all!); it’s likely that the information we shout BS at is widely spread anyway!

So welcome to BS Corner everyone; a place where Bad Science and strong opinions collide!



 Check out our latest BS articles here!

*If you’ve recently heard something that seems too good to be true or just smells like BS! …Drop us a line in the comments section below. We’ll do our best to set the record straight!


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