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Review Of News Articles

On our eat2health facebook page I shared a BBC article about a recent study into the Mediterranean diet and reduction of heart diseases; they also advocated it for weight loss. 

Now none of this is new and has been taught to Dietitians and properly trained nutritionists for years but in case you’re unsure:

“A Mediterranean diet incorporates the traditional healthy living habits of people from countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Mediterranean cuisine varies by region, but is largely based on vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, olive oil and fish.”
NHS choices website

I won’t go on in detail about the Med… diet; although it may feature as an article in the future; the interesting point from the report and as was highlighted by the BBC are the comments about the food industry and the NHS. The inclusion of fast food outlets and shops full of chocolate within hospitals has always been a sore topic for Dietitians so it’s nice to see a professor and chairman of the national obesity forum decrying their “sinister effect”.

Alexander Risby  RD Trust a Dietitian

(image taken from the BBC article – not referenced)