Obesity knocks 8 years off your life

Review Of News Articles

Many papers and news sites are running similar attention grabbing headlines to the one above as they run stories on the conclusions of a report published by the Lancet Journal offshoot Diabetes and endocrinology. 

The title is certainly headline grabbing and the report itself adds further damning evidence as to the dangers of being obese.

whilst many people may not be too concerned about loosing 8 years and will trot out the very tired line ” so what if I don’t live to be so old I cant do anything and enjoy life”. They are completely missing the point; the other conclusions of this report show that  not only do you lose years off your life you will spend more of your life in ill health.

What their driving at here is the fact that being obese increases your risks of a whole range of health problems including but not limited to Diabetes, strokes and heart disease. Most people are probably well aware of this on some level and tend to switch off at this point as what they don’t like considering are the serious complications that can arise including brain damage, inability to swallow, amputations of limbs, blindness, kidney failure….. the list goes on.

So what I say to the naysayers and blissful ignorance crowd is…. make a little effort; you don’t need to drastically alter an unhealthy diet to avoid most of the above, remember that 1st stroke may not kill you and diabetes doesn’t go away.

For those that are preparing to make changes or have tried and failed, remember the Guinness slogan “good things come to those that wait”. Weight loss should be a gradual process and the natural result of lifestyle changes, severely restrictive or ‘fad diets’  will never give you long term results.

Alexander Risby RDTrust a Dietitian