These Boots Are Made For Walking: A Sunny Woodland Walk!

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So the meteorologist finally got something right! Saturday in the SE of England was sunny, warm and it didn’t have a cloud in sight! We were hopeful that it would carry on through the weekend, but the sun diminished by lunchtime yesterday; another teaser of the spring we all desire! At least our North American friends had their summer daylight saving time begin over the weekend (which will massively help with everyone’s moods= ↑happiness + ↓depressive slumps!); ours begins in three week’s time!


Like most Britain’s when faced with a bit of sunshine, we got out and about! The car was boiling after having bathed in the sunshine all morning, so the windows got rolled down and our coats were thrown into the back seat. Ah yes, glorious sunshine everywhere! Some sun enthusiasts were already sporting sandals, short skirts and enjoying ice cream cones; each to their own! It can’t be helped though… everyone in the UK knows that you cannot take our sunny days for granted; the weather can change every five minutes! We must all try and live in the moment.



So we drove to a great woodland area/nature reserve to explore, get our heart’s pumping and breath in all those wonderful springtime aromas…


…and so it began; c’mon boots! 🙂



Within five minutes of strolling down all of these tree-lined paths, we could feel the effect of the sun. We think that sunshine has the ability to put us all into a warm and dreamy bubble; creating a state of mindfulness.

NB: Exposure to sunlight can provide a great source for the body to help produce some Vitamin D (*although there are several factors that can determine our rate of absorption); the most optimum levels of the UV-B rays needed for this are obtained between April through to October here in the UK.



If only we could pause a moment in time…



This glorious woodland had numerous paths.



…But which way to go?!



This way was good…

Nothing beats a leisurely stroll…



…but ultimately we were spoiled for choice!



Presently most paths require you to dress in sturdy walking boots…but we had that covered!



Some of these trails went on forever… but this is fantastic in our books! Sometimes walking through a park can feel like walking in a herd of cattle…but this nature reserve allowed everyone to wander and explore without having to tail gate one another.



Thanks to (who we assumed used a wood chisel to design these beauties, but in actual fact used chainsaws!) we had all of these lovely wood sculptures to admire, like this ant …



this squirrel and hawk…



this bench with a badger and fox…



…or this creation, which we think is one of their ‘fern men’.



Maybe their creativity inspired others…or at least someone! Here’s a make-shift ‘teepee’!

A for effort!



Nature’s artistic flare created this little stream…



…and pond; it looks like a lagoon because of a) lime stone, or b) algae. What do else everyone else think?



As you probably noticed, a lot of this woodland is ‘naked’ at the moment… but we have no doubt how amazing this place is during late spring through until September. However, new vegetation was planted and thriving; just look at all of these tiny trees (not our shadows!)…

The silent giants…



Or this patch of holly!

We should have zoomed in the camera lens! Sorry!



We took advantage of the one piece of vegetation designated for woodland fun- this old, fallen tree…

Don’t lose your balance!



and then it was my turn…

Feeling confident!



 For some ‘log gymnastics’!




Or maybe we should try this tree swing??

Someone had made two of these over a little stream! Feeling lucky?!



We might of had an audience…


Or not! Just look at this little fatty! I guess this grey squirrel has awoken from his winter slumber; no nuts in sight little guy!



On a serious note, here’s a lovely commemoration someone has made…



…for which we all can rest upon and be mindful.



 We would recommend this woodland to anyone. It’s perfect for dog walkers, mountain bikers, couples and families alike….but if your dog has an obsession with sticks, you might be in for a long afternoon!


So thank you SherrardsPark Wood… for encompassing so many wonderful pieces of nature, bringing families together and for putting the spring in so many people’s step today (dog’s included!).

Woodpeckers, deer, door mice and wild mushrooms were no where to be seen… but we’ll be back!



P.S. Many thanks to the kind traffic warden that we caught just in the nick of time! It was our first time to that area and we genuinely didn’t suss out the parking restrictions properly! Sorry!



What did everyone else in Britain get up to this weekend? Did the sunshine make you more energetic than usual?

What else motivated you to leave your house and your creature comforts?

As always, let us know! We love hearing about how you are making permanent lifestyle changes that enable you to Eat2Health and be more active!

Have a great week everyone! 😀