Vegan ‘Condensed Milk’

Healthy Recipes

Yields: 420g (approx. 15oz or 1 ‘mock tin’)
Prep:≤ 5 mins
Cooking: 5-8 mins
Chilling: 4hrs- Overnight
Type: Home Baking Ingredient
Tools: Non-stick pot, whisk, silicone spatula, air-tight and a resealable container


Condensed milk is not something that we spend any time thinking about to be honest, but we fancied making a pumpkin pie this Christmas! Pumpkin pies typically requires a thick or thickened liquid such as coconut cream/milk or ‘evaporated milk’, which is similar to condensed milk; potato, patato!

Evaporated or condensed milk is cow’s milk that has been heated, until most of the water has been removed; the latter has a truck load of sugar added to it, which makes it a thickened, sticky and sinful addition to a lot of North American baking and or hot drinks!

So technically ours does not contain any sort of milk! We took a stab in the dark using water and aquafaba instead! To make it just a touch more authentic, you could replace the water for unsweetened almond or rice milk (because they both have quite watery consistencies) or experiment using your favourite brand. Alternatively, try using some DF milk but omit the sugar for a faux ‘evaporated milk’.

Our ‘condensed milk’ is has about about half the amount of added sugar than authentic versions, so you cannot blame your cavities on us! It’s sweet but not sickly sweet and you could even experiment by using less sugar. At some point we like to continue lowering lowering the carbohydrate content; like all things sweet/rich and/or fattening, please consume within moderation!

The execution is not hard, nor is it time consuming, but you will have to allow time to set in the fridge, unless you are making e.g. a sweetened sauce, then perhaps you won’t need to refrigerate it and/or maybe even use slightly less corn flour? The refrigeration allows it to grow just a tad but thicker (which was useful in our pumpkin pie!). The result of this is a custard-like texture, to which we can probably thank our friend Mr. aquafaba and corn flour for that one!

Happy cooking everyone! 🙂




+++++++++++++++5 tbsp        Corn Flour
+++++++++++++++3g               Arrowroot Powder
+++++++++++++++3/4 cup      Cold Water (or DF milk)
+++++++++++++++1 cup           Aquafaba (removed from approx. 2 tins of chickpeas!)
+++++++++++++++30g             Odourless Coconut Oil
+++++++++++++++4-5 tbsp     Unrefined Golden Caster Sugar
+++++++++++++++5g                Vanilla paste



1. Place 5tbsp corn flour and 3g  arrowroot powder into a small measuring jug. Add ¼ cup cold water (or DF Milk). Whisk together with a fork until all of the powder has dissolved. Tip: This is an ‘almost ‘slurry’! It will be used to thicken the cooking liquids.

2. Place ½ cup of cold water (or DF milk), 1 cup aquafaba and 30g coconut oil into a large non-stick pot. Heat the mixture over a medium-low heat until all of the oil has melted and combined. Whisk the mixture occasionally.

3. Once the oil has melted, add 4-5 tbsp of sugar into the pot. Whisk to combine and help dissolve the sugar. Add 5g vanilla paste. Whisk to combine. Once the mixture comes to a simmer, turn the heat down slightly.

4. Re-whisk the ‘slurry’. Whilst whisking the cooking liquids, pour in the ‘slurry’. Keep whisking to thoroughly combine and until the mixture thickens. Tip: This process will not take too long, about 2 mins. Remove from the heat. Allow it to cool for 5 mins before transferring it into a storage container and/or recipe tasting!

5. Transfer into an air-tight and resealable container. Tip: Use a silicone spatula to remove all of the mixture from the sides of the pot. Refrigerate for a minimum of 4 hours (or overnight if possible/or applicable) to allow it to thicken further.


Recipe updated: 19/02/16 

6 thoughts on “Vegan ‘Condensed Milk’

  1. Thanks for this. I am only just finding out about aquafaba….I iced my vegan Christmas cake with it, and also made some meringues. I have not eaten meringues for over 30 years…..and the taste came straight back at me…very authentic. I will now have to give this a go.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks John! It’s an interesting concept; we’ve only used it in a few recipes ourselves, but it seems to have unlimited possibilities! What recipe did you use to create your icing? It’s great that you get to rekindle some old food love affairs, hopefully our’ condensed milk’ can add to your journey! You can make this milk as thick or thin or as authentic (as required). You’ll have to let us know how you get on if you do decide to try it. Happy Holidays! ~ Lynn & Alex 🙂



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