Beetroot & Orange Salad

Healthy Recipes

Serves: 2
Prep & Cooking Time: 35-45 minutes

Notes: This recipe contains: Vitamin A, B-Vitamins, Vitamins C & E, protein, fibre, calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, zinc and is low in salt, (added) sugars and fats!

This salad is an oldie but a goodie…but now with the addition of quinoa! Our recipe is not only great for the lovers of quinoa, beetroot and orange, but perfect for when it’s too hot to turn on your oven, you don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen and/or you simply fancy something light, fresh and delicious!

Annoyingly our local shops did not have any fresh mint or fresh beetroot last week when we prepared this salad… but considering ‘beetroot season’ is normally July-October (at least in the UK), we shouldn’t have been surprised! Apologises for the lack of colour; fresh mint would have not have gone a miss! If you are fortunate enough to source fresh beetroot, cook it for approx. 30-35 minutes in a saucepan (or until fork ready)! Although precooked (but not pickled!) beetroot is still delicious, like most ‘fresh’ varieties of food…its taste is unparalleled. 🙂 

Enjoy this nutritious salad with a drizzle of agave and/or olive oil, or perhaps a homemade mustard vinaigrette dressing! Although in all honestly, we won’t be using any ‘dressing’ the next time that we make it! The beetroot and orange provides you with volumes of natural flavour and meal satisfaction! 🙂 


Quick facts:

  • Beetroot, is a great source of iron, folate, nitrates, betaine, magnesium among other antioxidants and has been a trending vegetable over at least the last six years or so (but that’s no surprises here)! The BDA have highlighted reviews that have suggested that drinking beetroot juice is linked to a modest improvement in exercise performance, as well as producing a modest reduction in ‘lowering blood pressure’ (seen in this study and this study!); all from its nitrate content (discussed again here). Additionally, a 2010 study suggested it could help combat the onset of dementia…but like all studies, further research is needed…but there’s definitely no harm with adding more of it into your diet! 
  • Oranges contain soluble fibre, calcium, folate, potassium and are naturally rich in the antioxidant ‘Vitamin C’! …Which is great in helping to support a healthy immune system and working with other antioxidants to possibly counteract the cellular damage within our bodies!




+++++++++++++++++++++++200g             Dried Quinoa
+++++++++++++++++++++++300-400g   Cooked beetroot (not pickled!)
+++++++++++++++++++++++420g             Oranges
+++++++++++++++++++++++2g                  Dried or fresh mint
+++++++++++++++++++++++30g                Walnuts
+++++++++++++++++++++++10ml              Agave syrup (optional)
+++++++++++++++++++++++10ml              Extra virgin olive oil (optional)



If you are using fresh beetroot, cook this first; drain and allow it to cool before using! Otherwise, cook the quinoa according to the packet instructions. Allow to cool.



Meanwhile, open and drain the beetroot (if applicable); chop or slice as desired!



In the meantime, slices the oranges; remove any thick pieces of pith and the rind.



Wash, dry and chop the mint (if applicable). Roughly chop and/or gently crush the nuts.



Assemble the salad. Spoon the quinoa into a serving bowl (or use a plate!). Scatter, layer or toss the orange and beetroot onto the quinoa! Sprinkle over the mint. Scatter over the nuts. Season it to taste (as necessary). Drizzle over the syrup and oil (if applicable).







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8 thoughts on “Beetroot & Orange Salad

    1. 😀 Thanks guys! We’re glad you liked it! Summer is tantalisingly close… (but not today, grey clouds everywhere!) , so it helps to keep the optimism alive on your dinner plate eh, and of course Eat2Health! 🙂


    1. Hi Joyce! Welcome to Eat2Health! Thanks so much, we’re glad you liked it! We tried our best; we were trying to make up for the fact we didn’t have any mint. 😦 Have a great weekend! 🙂


    1. Hi Theresa, thanks for stopping by Eat2Health and for your lovely comment! We concur; this is a beautiful summer salad that also tastes delicious! Let us know how you get on if you do try it out! 🙂


    1. Hi Michelle, welcome to Eat2Health! We couldn’t agree more! The earthy beetroot works beautifully with the juicy oranges; it’s a winning combination in our books! We hope you enjoy it you do decide to try it out! 🙂

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