A Meal For Two

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We hope everyone’s had a fantastic weekend? They always go by so fast and this one has seen Valentine’s Day come and go; we decided to keep ours low-key.

Extravagance doesn’t necessarily mean ‘better’… and you don’t need one specific day to declare your love to your significant other either… but good food always helps! 😀

We decided to create a nice, healthy meal for ourselves that wouldn’t break the bank, wasn’t typical of our day-to-day meals and of course would leave us satisfied; we don’t normally make three course meals- who has the time for that?! We spent approx. £14 on top of our weekly budget to prepare this meal, but estimate it would cost approx. £30-35 if you had to buy all of the ingredients. In the grand scheme of things, our three course dining experience wasn’t very expensive; considerably cheaper than dining in a vegan/London restaurant! We do not end to eat out anyways; who wants to pay £3 for three strawberries when you can buy the whole box?

Here’s a breakdown of what we ate.



Our Valentine’s Menu


Mini bruschetta’s with a mixed plum tomato medley, marinated with fresh basil, olive oil and a balsamic glaze.



A grilled & marinated portobello mushroom nestled over baked potato & daikon latkes and creamed leeks, with steamed asparagus spears.




A DF, GF and low-sugar chocolate cake, topped with a medley of fresh fruit & crushed hazelnuts.


Some elements of this menu are still in the making, but overall we enjoyed it! We hope to put up some of these recipes at a later date.


Have a great week everyone and as always… let’s try and Eat2Health!

5 thoughts on “A Meal For Two

    1. Hi Guys! Thanks for the lovely comment and stopping by our blog. We’re glad you liked it! We thoroughly enjoyed it; some elements were a little time consuming but it’s otherwise pretty easy to make. 🙂

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