Pea & Watercress Soup

Healthy Recipes

Serves: 4
Prep & Cooking time: 20-30 minutes

Notes: This recipe contains: Vitamin A, B-Vitamins, Vitamin C & K, protein, fibre, potassium, manganese, iron, calcium no added sugars and is low in fats!

This is another great soup recipe to try as this cold weather continues! It’s quick, simple, versatile, nutritious and has volumes of flavour! 




+++++++++++++++++++++++++180g       White onion
+++++++++++++++++++++++++60g          Watercress
+++++++++++++++++++++++++500g        Frozen peas
+++++++++++++++++++++++++                 1Kcal Fry Spray (low-fat cooking oil)
+++++++++++++++++++++++++800ml     Vegetable stock
+++++++++++++++++++++++++600ml     Water
+++++++++++++++++++++++++                  Salt & Ground black pepper
+++++++++++++++++++++++++200ml     Soya milk (unsweetened & fortified)




Peel and chop the onion. Wash the watercress.



Heat a non-stick saucepan over a medium-low heat. Spray some low-fat cooking oil.

NB: Alternatively, skip this step and start heating the stock and water. Add the onion to the saucepan when you add the peas.



Add the onion. Gently fry 1-2 minutes or until softened.



Add the stock and water. Bring to the boil.



Add the peas. Cover with a lid. Bring back to the boil.



Add the watercress. Reduce the heat to a simmer. Cook for 3-5 minutes or until the peas are just tender.

NB: Alternatively, do not boil the watercress (preserve more nutrients)! Add it to the soup once the peas have cooked.



Remove from the heat. Season it with some salt and pepper to taste. Allow it to cool slightly.



Transfer the soup into a blender.

NB: You might have to complete this step in batches.



Blend until smooth.



Return the soup to the saucepan or a resealable container. Taste and season as necessary.

Lunch prep!



Add the DF milk. Stir together.



Place the saucepan back over a medium-low heat (if applicable) and reheat gently.



Ladle into a serving bowl. Garnish with some fresh or dry herbs (try mint or chives), soya yoghurt, seeds, chopped nuts, croutons or some spare watercress if desired.

We garnished ours with some mixed seeds and served it with  a ‘toastie’ sandwich! 😀




NB: Here’s a version we made last year! We used more watercress and on this occasion, but we didn’t blend all of the soup. (It’ was also topped with soya yoghurt and fresh chives-delicious!) 🙂



If preferred…

  • For a thicker soup, thicken it with a slurry of potato starch or add a (peeled/chopped) potato to the soup when cooking.
  • Try using rocket, spinach or kale instead of watercress…and consider using a larger quantity (if desired of course)!
  • Try adding some cooked green lentils, quinoa or pearl barley (if gluten isn’t a concern) to the soup.

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