Vegan Sweet Potato And Black Bean ‘Burgers’

Healthy Recipes

Prep & Cooking Time: 60-70 minutes

This recipe was adapted from: fatfreevegan

This recipe contains: Vitamin A, B-Vitamins, Vitamins C & K, protein, fibre, potassium, some magnesium, calcium and iron, no added sugars and its also low in saturated fats! 

This recipe is brilliant- its easy to execute, gentle on the wallet and a great alternative to falafel’s or other vegan ‘burgers’. These ‘burgers’ have a lovely, soft-baked texture with a wonderful mix of warm and slightly spicy flavours; try adapting them to suit your palate! 

‘Burger’ Nutritional Breakdown:


+++++++++++++++++++++++++700g   Sweet Potatoes
+++++++++++++++++++++++++            1kcal  Fry spray (low-fat cooking oil)
+++++++++++++++++++++++++10g     Garlic cloves
+++++++++++++++++++++++++40g     Ginger root
+++++++++++++++++++++++++8g       Red chilli pepper
+++++++++++++++++++++++++400g  Tin of black beans
+++++++++++++++++++++++++220g  White onion
+++++++++++++++++++++++++180g  Green bell pepper
+++++++++++++++++++++++++4         Cardamom pods (or 1 g of ground cardamom)
+++++++++++++++++++++++++50g    Natural peanut butter (no added sugar/salt)
+++++++++++++++++++++++++4g      Ground cumin
+++++++++++++++++++++++++2g      Sweet Paprika
+++++++++++++++++++++++++1g      Cayenne Pepper
+++++++++++++++++++++++++1g      Onion powder (unsalted)
+++++++++++++++++++++++++           Salt
+++++++++++++++++++++++++           Ground black pepper
+++++++++++++++++++++++++50g   Porridge oats
+++++++++++++++++++++++++180g  GF plain flour



Wash, peel and chop your potatoes into small chunks. Fill a steamer pot with water. Place it over a medium-high heat. Add the potatoes. Cover and bring to the boil.

NB: Larger pieces will take longer to steam … I made the mistake unfortunately!

Reduce to a simmer. Steam for approx 8-10 minutes or until tender.


Drain. Allow to cool.


In the meantime, line two baking trays with parchment paper. Spray some low-fat cooking oil over the paper. Spread to coat.

NB: I used approx. 3 sprays/ tray.


Meanwhile, peel and mince the garlic. Wash, peel and finely grate the ginger. Wash, trim the ends, de-seed and finely dice the chilli. Drain and wash the beans. Peel and dice the onion. Wash, remove the stem, de-seed and finely chop the bell pepper. Organise your other remaining ingredients too. 🙂

NB: Do not place your flour and oats in the same bowl! I rushed ahead and had to spoon out the oats. 😦 They will be added to the ‘burger’ mixture at different stages.


If using cardamom pods, place them into a bowl. Gently press against them to crack the shell. Remove the shells. Grind and crush the seeds into a powder.

NB: I used the end of a rolling pin to do this…but if you have a pestle & mortar- all the better!



Place the potato and 1/2 the quantity of the beans into a food processor.


Add the garlic, ginger, chilli, nut butter, cardamom, cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper and onion powder. Season it with some salt and pepper to taste.


Process until combined and the potatoes look ‘mashed’.

NB: If you don’t own a silicone spatula, I would highly recommend that you purchase an inexpensive one!


Meanwhile, heat the oven to 220°C/430°F.


Transfer the burger mixture into a large mixing bowl.


Add the remaining beans, onion, bell pepper and the oats.


Mix until combined. Season to taste as necessary.

NB: Do not worry if you have a few random ‘chunks’ of potato. Just pick them out, finely chop them and then throw them back in! **Large pieces might stop the burgers from staying together.


Add the flour. Mix until combined.

NB: I’ve made the mistake of adding too much flour before because I felt it was too ‘wet/tacky’…but my burgers turned out very ‘dry’ after baking!

** The consistency should not be completely wet or dry but a bit ‘tacky’.


Divide the mixture. Roll it between your hands to form 10 ‘balls’.

NB: The mixture will stick to your hands ever so slightly, but this is OK. Sorry, I cannot stress this enough! 🙂


Place them onto the trays.


Gently press down on top of them to form ‘burger’ patties…


…but do not make them more than 3/4″ thick.


Place the trays into the oven. Bake for 11 minutes. Remove and swap the tray positions. Bake for a further 11 minutes.


 NB: You might not have to swap the trays around; its sensible to do this in my oven.


Remove. Allow them to cool for 5 minutes on the trays.


Remove and place them onto a cooling rack…



…and you can see for yourself, the underside is not burnt either!


Serve as desired.

NB: I used salad tomato, green olives, Dijon mustard, avocado, mango, salad cress, lettuce and some wholemeal buns. The sweetness and textures of these ingredients complemented the burgers nicely. 🙂

NB: This picture contains 2 servings.




Refrigerate them in a sealed container and consume within 3-5 days. NB: I haven’t tried freezing them, but I would imagine like most leftovers, using them within a month is ideal.


If preferred….

  • Serve them in a garden salad, in a pita, or with a bit of salad and rice, millet, cous cous, quinoa etc…whatever you fancy!
  • Maybe have 1/2 of one as a snack with a small glass of unsweetened/fortified almond milk as part of a balanced diet.
  • Try using other types of vegetables and/or spices to create your prefect taste sensation!

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    1. Hi Anne. Thanks for your very kind comment and stopping by our blog 🙂 We’re glad you like it! We agree, it can make the whole cooking process a little less daunting sometimes if you can compare what your recipe is supposed to look like at any one stage! Happy cooking!



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